Hood Hat USA Fresh West Philly Wool with Leather Strapback

HOOD believes your neighborhood’s culture is an instrumental piece of your DNA and a part of what makes each of us who we are. HOOD is stickball games at the schoolyard, runs on the blacktop at dusk and mix tapes on the front stoop on a summer night – when every day had a new experience and energy. HOOD finds that the best stories come from the streets and that real style lies at the crossroads of yesterday and today. So HOOD built their premium, handcrafted goods right here in the USA.

- Domed Crown Top with a Flat Bill
- 100% Merino Wool
- 3D Embroidery
- Nappa Leather Strap
- Made In The USA
SKU: 106MWL003-PA004CM

Material: Wool

Color: Red

Keywords: Hats Caps Dad Baseball, Syco Retro Merino Wool, 47 New Era Classic, Jay Z Fresh Prince OG Original, 106MWL003-PA004CM 106-MWL003-PA004-CM

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