Red Wing

Red Wing Heritage Mold Preventer 4 oz. (118ml) 97100

The Red Wing Heritage Mold Preventer was developed in response to feedback from longtime Red Wing customers. It is suitable for all climates and is especially useful in humid areas. For extended storage, spray the Mold Preventer on the exterior and interior of footwear, paying close attention to footbed and welt areas. Leather maintenance is the most effective way to protect your Red Wing Item and extend the life of footwear and other leather products.

- 4 oz / 118 ml
- Made in the U.S.A
- Made in the U.S.A

SKU: 97100

Material: Polyester

Color: Other

Keywords: Cleaning Kit Restorer, Jason Markk Reshoevn8r, Premium Gift Set Mink Oil, Heritage OG Original, 97100

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