John Hatter & Co

John Hatter & Co Always Be Closing Trucker Hat

ALWAYS BE CLOSING – ABC! ALWAYS CLOSE THAT DEAL. Never take No for an answer. You live by this, you never lose and you are a closer. You are the ultimate money making man, and you close any deal you lay your fingers on. The word on the streets is if that you want to make a deal come through, you are the guy to call! Featuring a miniature aluminum embossed plate printed in olive green with orange letters on a purple/grey visor with a brown mesh. This is a must-have style accessory for anyone making deals.

- Fabric: 57% cotton/43% polyester
- 6 Panel crown with a curved bill
- Metal plate across the front for a bold statement!
- Adjustable snapback closure at the rear
- Designed in Sweden - One-Size-Fits-Most

Material: Cotton

Color: Blue

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