Invicta Oliver Contemporary Stylish with Hood Men's Jacket

$176.95 $295.00
The Invicta Oliver Contemporary Stylish Jacket is a very stylish hooded men's puffer jacket features shiny color and fabric. It is practical as it is stylish with impermeable fabric, high padded collar and warm oversized hood, elastic cuffs, and dual front closure for a secure and warm feel.

- Polyester and polyamide blend with a removable logo patch
- High padded collar and oversized hood
- Water-repellent, lightweight and warm
- Dual front closure
- Personalized stretch elastic braces on interior of garment, so that it can be worn as if it were a backpack
SKU: 4431598U-0545

Material: Polyester

Color: Black

Keywords: Jacket Bubble Zip up Zipper Insulated Insulation, Winter Weather Season Cold Snow Warmth, Parker Classic Everyday Casual Fashion Water, Moncler Canada Goose The North Face, 4431598U-0545

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