Invicta Joey Hip-Length Men's Jacket

$176.95 $295.00
The Invicta Joey Hip-Length Jacket is a soft shell hooded puffer with powerful modern color blocking. It also has 2 zippered pockets, one on each side, and another convenient zippered inner pocket for extra storage.

- Polyester and polyamide blend with a removable logo patch
- High padded collar and oversized hood
- Water-repellent, lightweight and warm
- Dual front closure
- Personalized stretch elastic braces on interior of garment, so that it can be worn as if it were a backpack
SKU: 4431599U-0712

Material: Polyester

Color: Grey

Keywords: Jacket Bubble Zip up Zipper Insulated Insulation, Winter Weather Season Cold Snow Warmth, Parker Classic Everyday Casual Fashion Water, Moncler Canada Goose The North Face, 4431599U-0712

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