Chocolat Blu

Chocolat Blu Louisa Women's Knee Hi Boot

$79.95 $325.00
The beautiful Chocolat Blu Louisa Knee Hi Boot will stand out in your closet. Whether you’re tucking your jeans into these boots and going out with friends, getting dressed up for a nice dinner, or going to work; these are the boots for you. They are composed of a leather upper and rubber sole, which provides traction and makes these shoes both durable and sturdy. The side zipper allows for the wearer to easily remove their shoes. Inside these shoes is a padded footbed and midsole to absorb shock and provide comfort.

- Leather upper
- Padded footbed
- Rubber outsole
- 1.25" Heel
- Padded midsole

Material: Leather

Color: Beige

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