HP Farms

HP Farms Cream Team Joggers Men's Sweatpants

So fresh, stylish and new for the season. Pay some homage to the DREAM TEAM with the HP Farms Cream Team Joggers.

- Fabric: 10 oz. 80% cotton 20% polyester blend
- Adjustable wasteband
- HP Farms inspired chenille stitch graphic on the front
- Side pockets for storages
- Ribbed cuffs
SKU: 36344-OTM

Material: Cotton

Color: Cream

Keywords: Sweatpants Sweat Pants Fleece Jogger Tech Dream Team 1992 Jordan, Smoke Smoker Retro Cotton Steve Lobel, StreetWear Weed Marijuana Weekend Original, Cookies Raw English Backwoods Berner OG Original, 36344-OTML

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