Cookies Weekender Nylon Duffle Backpack

As it is call the Cookies Weekender Nylon Duffle Backpack. It is made for your next getaway. The Weekender is a large bag that you can stuff your entire weekend into and now using new technology to bind the smell proof material to the bag to make it more smell proof. Cookies also have new double zippers with each zipper having reverse direction with a stopper at the end for better trapping of the smell.

- Durable nylon construction with a smell proof design
- Cookies classic sceen printed reflective signature logo
- Double smell proof zippers
- Dimensions (approx): 23" H x 18" W x 7" D | 18cm x 15.5cm x 8cm
SKU: 1536A3334-CAM

Material: Nylon

Color: Camouflage

Keywords: Backpack Body Bag Pouch Front Cross Body, Smoke Smoker Retro Cotton Steve Lobel, StreetWear Weed Marijuana Weekend Original, Raw Backwoods Berner OG Original, 1536A3334-CAM

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