Cookies V2 Mini Extendo Plastic Storage Jar

The Cookies V2 Mini Extendo Plastic Storage Jar is an updated version of the original Cookies plastic storage jars. It features a new child proof lock in a stackable design with 1 Large extended compartment and 1 small separate compartment. Compartments have a silicone insert for oils/waxes. Perfect for all your on-the-go storage needs.

- Plastic storage jar with child proof lock
- Updated V2 version
- Stackable design with 2 separate compartments and silicone inserts for oil & waxes
- Cookies C logo on the top
- Dimensions (approx): 6.5" H x 1.75" W
SKU: 1544A4253-BLU

Material: Plastic

Color: Blue

Keywords: Storage Containers 420 Rolling Joint, Original Logo Thin Mint Berner Sf Steve Lobel, Weworking Cookies SF Cigar Smoke, Weed Medical Marijuanas Paraphernalia, 1544A4253-BLU

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